Meet Zoë

Mini Maven October 2017


At just 8 years old Zoe Aiche is mixing colors, layering pieces and incorporating eyes, tassels and charms in every hue on the color spectrum. This ambitious Mini is a natural, following her heart and having fun with every piece of jewelry she creates. As the daughter of adored jewelry designer, Jacquie Aiche, Zoe has been surrounded by gorgeous jewels and baubles since day one. She's a sucker for sparkles, but who isn't?! This little lady takes a lot of her inspiration from out-of-the-box brands and designers like Tutu Du Monde and Mara Hoffman. Her gender-neutral collection is simply stunning. We are in total awe of Zoe and all that she's accomplished at such a young age.  


MINI MAVEN: Did you always know you wanted to design jewelry and follow in the footsteps of your mom?
ZOE AICHE: It’s been so natural to me since I have been around it all my life. I love all the sparkles and the way they make me feel.

MINI MAVEN: What experience and training do you think was most helpful in creating your line? 
ZOE AICHE: I always have to stay focused when making the jewels, otherwise I make a lot of mistakes.

MINI MAVEN: What have been some of the most challenging aspects of working in jewelry design? It must be harder than it looks?
ZOE AICHE: it is, the hardest part is figuring out everyones sizes.

MINI MAVEN: Where do you find inspiration for your creations? Do you love fashion and who are your favorite designers?
ZOE AICHE: I love mixing all the colors and layering all the pieces. My favorite designers are Mara Hoffman, Tutu le Monde and petit bateau.


MINI MAVEN: What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your jewelry? What kind of girl are you? Girlie, boho, sassy, sporty? ALL?
ZOE AICHE: My line is for everybody, Girl or boy. It's a mix of eyes, tassels and charms in all different colors.

MINI MAVEN: What advice do you have for young aspiring designers?
ZOE AICHE: follow your heart and make sure you are having fun.

MINI MAVEN: Where can we buy your designs? Will they be ready fro FW17?
ZOE AICHE: I am launching my own website and everything will be available there for now.

MINI MAVEN: Can we expect to see a collaboration between you and your mom, Jacquie Aiche, in the near future?
ZOE AICHE: I am not sure yet, still trying to figure it out. I hope she will want to :) 

For fun...

Favorite color:  turquoise
Favorite flavor ice cream: mint chocolate chip
Favorite vacation spot: Bora Bora
What pets do you have? 5 Persian cats :)